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Adult Learning


This training aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to perform data analysis tasks, such as generating frequency tables, creating bar graphs, and extracting relevant values from the analysis. By using Camtasia to create an instructional video, the training seeks to ensure that students can confidently and independently navigate JASP's interface, interpret the results of their data analysis, and apply the findings to produce the Final Evaluation Report. This instructional approach addresses the specific requirement for students to efficiently employ JASP in the context of their coursework, enabling them to contribute to informed decision-making processes during needs assessments, evaluations, and other learning and performance improvement interventions.


The 13-week Leadership Development Program at TechFirm Inc. combines self-directed modules and in-person workshops, structured to cultivate core competencies in new managers. The program progresses through themes of Competency Development, Effective Communication, and Transformational Leadership, each phase paired with

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corresponding workshops and mentorship sessions to reinforce learning. The final week focuses on meta-cognition and networking, rounding off the managers' growth journey with reflective and connective activities. This format ensures a balanced development of personal, communicative, and leadership skills critical for managerial success in a dynamic corporate environment.


This leadership development training program was designed to align with the core principles and theories of learning, focusing on evidence-based training approaches that ensure their practical application. Through a rigorous analysis, the training not only identified but also effectively applied these principles, including the concept of accommodation, ensuring a strong theoretical foundation. By doing so, the program was strategically aligned with business strategy and operational goals, demonstrating how academic theories can be adapted to meet real-world business needs. This alignment emphasized the importance of connecting learning outcomes with organizational objectives, ensuring the training delivered tangible benefits and enhanced performance.

Audience: New managers (“new” being less than 3 months)

Responsibilities: Curriculum Development, Learning Needs Analysis, Interactive Content Creation, Facilitator Training and Coordination, E-Learning Module Design

Tools Used: Zoom, Qualtrics, Articulate Storyline, Audacity, Camtasia, Youtube

Process & Strategy

In crafting our leadership training program for adult learners, we seamlessly integrated four pivotal training domains to create a robust and dynamic educational experience. The first domain, Adult Learning Theory, informed our use of andragogy to foster self-directed learning, while behaviorism principles helped structure learning tasks, all aimed at enhancing learner motivation and expertise. The second domain, Learning Approaches for LTP, was vital in shaping our user-centric instructional design, leveraging Merrill's Principles to embrace diverse learning modalities and promoting an environment where making mistakes was viewed as a critical learning step.

For the third domain, Social Learning Factors, we emphasized collaborative learning through peer mentoring, storytelling, and experiential learning phases, applying the narrative structure of Freytag's Pyramid to deepen understanding and knowledge retention. The fourth domain, Data Collection & Quality Assurance, underpinned our commitment to empirical evidence and quality. Gagné's Nine Events of Instruction provided a structured framework that was both systematic and flexible, allowing us to measure, evaluate, and continuously improve the training's effectiveness, ensuring it met the evolving demands of leadership in a professional setting.

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